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Description of services. Please read thoroughly.

Dog/Cat Care 30 min. per visitstarts at $24.00, see below
Dog/Cat Care 1-Hour 1 pet, per visitBase rate + time and a half, see below
Bunny Care 1 cage, per visit$24.00
Bunny Care 2 cages, per visit$30.00
Bunny Care, each addl cage, per visit$6.00
Bird Care 1 cage, per visit$24.00
Bird Care 2 cages, per visit$30.00
Bird Care, each addl cage, per visit$6.00
Grocery shopping for veggies, pet food, etc$10.00
Chopping veggies, per cage, per visit$5.00
Watering plants (more than 10), per visit$5.00/15 min
Medications, unlimited per pet, per visit$2.00
Dog Walks, w/visit only, per visit, 2 dogs max, 20 min, must be leash trained, no pulling, no charging at cars, people, or animals$10.00
Veterinary Appts, 2 pets max, + vet costs, up to 1 hr, Time will be prorated if over 1 hour$30.00
Emergency Vet. Appts, + vet costs, 1 hr, Time will be prorated if over 1 hour$40.00
Grooming Appts, drop-off and pick-up$30.00
Overnight Visits, 9:00pm - 7:00am, Medication, Holiday and other ancillary fees still apply starts $65.00 includes night & morning feedings
Out-Of-Area Mileage Costs, per visit. We'll be happy to go out of our area but must charge a fee.$3.00
Service Area includes:
Sacramento and Placer Counties
No Additional Costs if we have a pet sitter in that area.
Holidays - If your vacation dates fall within 2 days of one of these listed holidays, there will be a one-time holiday fee assessed. New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, Washington's Birthday, Lincoln's Birthday, Easter, Mother's Day, Memorial Day, Father's Day, July 4th, Martin Luther King Day, President's Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day. All 3-Day holidays will also be assessed a holiday fee.$10.00
House Sitting Only, No Animals, Out-Of-Service-Area Fee applies, per visit $24.00
One Free Key Pick-Up and Drop-OffNo Additional Costs
Additional Key, Pick-Up and Drop-Off$15.00 plus Out-Of-Area Fee if applicable

Pets Include:
dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, rats,
hamsters, iguanas, chameleons, fish, ferrets, chinchillas,
and other pocket animals

Pet Care Includes:
Changing Water
Special Diets
Litter Box/Cage Cleaning
Accident Clean-Ups
Mail/Newspaper Pick-up
Rotating Lights/Drapes/Radio/TV
Watering Your Plants
Swimming Pool Care
Winding Your Grandfather Clock
Starting Your Car To Keep Battery Charged
Set Out/Bring In Garbage Can
Brushing Your Pets
Massaging Your Pets
LOTS of Loving!
Play Time!

Countess Critters comes to YOUR house
to take care of your pets.
Your pets will love staying at home where they are familiar with their surroundings and spoiled rotten with tummy rubs, toys, back scratch'n, brush'n and LOV'N!!!

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